Electronic Rust Protection


Has anyone tried those electronic rust protection devices? Do they work and are there any downsides?

I know that Les has it on his GN. I was asking Jackson about this and he said that it does work. Let me know where you get yours from, I'd like to get one also.
Yes it does work!

But if there is rust it will not stop it, but it will slow it down. I don't know principal of how it prevents rust. There is many brands out there but there is a few that work, but what these electronic rust prevention products do is send electrical current through out the whole body whatevers connects to ground of the body, it been used in boats for many years and now its on the automotive market using the same principals as the boats.
something about positive and negative Ions, I think. Carbiz, aka Aloha toppers sells them under contract, so they are only allowed to sell to them as packages with car dealers....(last I checked anyway)