Emblem Question.


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Aug 1, 2005
When i bought my 87 Turbo T the owner before me had the car painted and did not replace the emblems. Slowly I have been buying a few emblems. The only emblem the car had was the T on the front fenders. I bought the rear 3.8 Liter all chrome emblem for the rear truck lip. I just bought the BUICK rear truck lip emblem the other day. I was about to put it on when I noticed the BUICK emblem was bigger than the 3.8 Liter emblem. Can someone measure their BUICK emblem if you have it on your car. My emblem measures 3/4" X 6".
Approx. 11/16" x 4 5/8" is what I get in a quicky measurement. :)

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Brian Weaver at GBody parts should have good used ones, I replaced mine once, I think the new ones were discontinued and are probably big money NOS.

My old one was broken and just said ick for a few years. :p

Appropriate perhaps, but I didn't like looking at it. :eek: :D
I must have bought the wrong emblem. Glad i checked before I put it on. Thanks everyone.