emissions testing

jim homick

May 25, 2001
has anybody in ontario had their g.n, emissions tested yet? do they perform a visual test? any info would be appreciated. thanks in advance, jim.
According to a spec sheet I have, Ontario has a ASM 2525 and Two speed idle test for light duty vehicles 4 years old to 19 years old. ASM 2525 means the dyno is loaded to 25% of the vehicles total weight and emissions results are recorded. The ASM 2525 is mainly a Nox test. Then apparently the emissions are also tested at idle and 2500 rpm no no load. If you have an open loop chip, you'll probably fail the idle test. If your cat is missing, you may fail HC and CO (for ASM2525), especially if the cutpoints are a maximum EPA regulation. Depending on the Nox cutpoint, if your EGR system is not working properly, you may fail Nox on the ASM 2525 test. Also, looks like there is some sort of visual inspection.
I don't live in Ontario, this is just what is in their spec sheet. Hope this helps.
When I had my other car tested the visual he did was EGR,PCV,CAT, fuel cap psi test. To tell you the truth I don't know how sharp these guys are in identifying aftermarket stuff on a TR
If you happen to know of a service station that does emission testing as well, stop in, play dumb and ask some questions about the visual tests.

Canadian Tire

Just go to a Canadian Tire. They usually don't inspect anything, as they can't be bothered, but a normal inspection station would.

Just make sure, before you go for your test that you take the car out for 20 mins, and that it gets sufficiently warmed up.


My 87 passed emissions with hollowed out cat with the stock injector emissions chip on the gnttype.org website. I'm hoping it will do the same with the emissions chip made for the red stripes this year and a bit of tuning.

I had my 86 GN emissions tested and it passed. You might have better luck if you know a mechanic who can "test" it for you if you know what I mean. I have heard about people giving the mechanic an extra few dollars to get a car to pass and it does.

Good luck,

Paul Beal

Did you get your GN tested yet??

I did a wholesale change... I took my 3" DP & test pipe off and replaced it with my stock DP & cat and put back my stock injectors and chip... all to be on the safe side!!!

then I took my nearly stock TTYPE to the GM dealership to get tested. If anything went wrong, then they should be able to get it fixed since it is a GM product. I don't trust Canadian Tire!!

The car passed with flying colours!!! I think it would have passed "modified" if I had a 3" cat??

Crappy Tire !!!! Took mine to crappy tire
and it passed with flying colors !! My 86 Gn is mostly stock cept for bigger turbo and 2.5" dual exhaust, It even passed with a small rust hole in one muffler (Hehehehe) Wahooooo !!!!