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Easy ? for most of you I am sure.

Can I install the engine w/ everything on it? Exhaust and cross-over, turbo, alternator and AC comp., etc. Should clear the hood and fit, right?
My last installation went off without a hitch,and I did NOT pull the hood. Balance the assembly carefully,support the trans,and it should plop right in! It's a close call,so watch out for the header panel and hood insulation. I personally like to leave my accessories connected,so I guess you will have some additional nose weight on the boom, but you will be able to compensate for it with the point you pick it from. Good luck with your project!
Remove the starter crossover pipe. Power steering pump and air conditioning lines. Then the coil pack. Fuel line connections and Turbo tubing. Few other things and Yank it. I'm good at it...that's a bad thing.


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I plopped mine back in last weekend. For extra clearance, disconnect the gas shocks for the hood and it will open another 30degrees. I tied mine to the garage door tracks above the car to hold it open.

I installed it with the starter on, which did cause me a couple headaches. Other than that, mine went in as jasjamz described. Good luck.
Next time I do mine I'm going to leave the engine mounts off. I dropped mine in with AC, headers (no crossover), starter all there.
It's never exactly easy to install a motor,but you can make it easier,for sure. The crossover and starter will negate your installation. Needless to say,there is going to be some under car work required.Make damn sure you have the torque converter properly seated.It's all basically nuts and bolts,but the details will get you, if you aren't careful. Once again,good luck with your project.
Thanks for the info everyone. Good tips for sure and I will hook up the grounds before final drop! Last time I did it, I had everything off and thought it would have been easier if more stuff was on before install.

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