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Hawaiian Turbo

Has anyone installed a SBC in their GN ? I need to know which frame mounts to use, or will I have to fabricate some. I was thinking to use the ones from a G-body that had a V-8 already, but I'm not sure if the geometry is correct.

Thanks, Paul
Man,if you want to do that sell the GN to someone who respects it and throw the SBC boat anchor in a regular Regal please.They arent making them anymore,kind of like the charger in F&F.
i was joking..... but it seems like some people are kinda bent over this thread.

go figure...............
I asked if they had it in THEIR GN. I don't have a GN, I have two T's. Yes, it does seem that some people get offened when someone puts a SBC in a Buick. Why? The V6's are awesome, People in Hawaii don't have all the access that everyone on the mainland has to machine shops that know how to build the buick correctly. Shipping is outrageous. That's why I decided to go the SBC route, parts are fairly cheap, and doesn't everyone know how to build one? :D

If anyone is doing the same, I used 87 Monte clam shell mounts, they bolted right up.
when i bought a 87 GN a few years ago, the guy was going to be installing a SBC in the car-

long story short, i have the 2 pads that bolt to the frame/stock pads to install the SBC-

problem is i really dont know if they are the correct ones because i didnt do the install, but they are opposite looking than the turbo regal ones:confused: heck, maybe these just bolt over the frame pads :confused:

i can take pics and mail them to you and then you decide if they are the correct ones


I found a pair, but thanks anyway Brian. It looks good sitting in there, but better when I get the headers and turbo in there.

They are somewhat opposite from the V-6 type, I'm trying to remember..... I had HR's on mine.

You know what, another person here is doing the conversion, would you like to sell the clam shells(if they're the right ones) ?

Thanks, Paul
i dont plan on putting in the SBC so yeah, id sell them-

they do look like clam shells, 3 holes on the flat side and one on each lip for the stud to go through-

let me take some pics, and mail them to you-
what is the zip code there?


i did see somewhere, ebay i think. someone took a 302 with a tpi and put a turbo on it, looked sortof stock, other than the engine being longer and the manifold looked wrong.

i think it would be kind of cool to see someone do it, with a turbo that is. lets face it, the 231 are not powerfull motors without the turbo, don't belive me? disconnect the wasgate arm and go for a spin, it sucks. and your still getting some effect of the turbo still. take a sbc and it runs pretty good to start with, in theory it would run amazingly well with the same turbo setup.

or this might be an example of why to keep the v6 and just be happy with it.

one thing i do what to know. i'm guessing your going for a fast car, why use a buick for that? they weigh a ton and have the aerodynamics of a brick. if you are going for the looks then all is understood.