engine work in union county nj

I remember this place from years ago when they did a GNX style dash install from Performance Instruments for a magazine article at the time...
Ron's Custom Auto
305 S Michigan Ave, Kenilworth, NJ

At one time, they shared building space with Jack Merkel's engine machine shop...
Jack Merkel Performance Engines
Phone: (732) 388-7088 25 Walnut Avenue, Clark, NJ 07066

Both businesses are still around...here is an old article discussing an engine rebuild they did for GM High Tech Performance


maybe worth contacting? I have no affiliation with either shop.
I live in Union County as well.

I drive down Michigan fairly often, and I haven't seen a shingle for Ron's. I called the number about a year ago, and got a number no longer in service message. I am trying to hunt down Merkel, but so far cannot find him either. I'll post again if I do find them.

Sorry for delay in response, I've been away from the website.
Call Jim Dunn, he has an engine shop he's been dealing with for last 20 years. Not a bad ride.
Not sure if it's too far but there is a place off route 23 by willowbrook mall. Maybe Passaic county. It's Called stage one auto. The owner just built an engine for I think one of the poweblock shows on spike tv. Not sure which one it was. He specialised in Buick. I stopped in a couple times to pick his brain and he seemed like a cool guy.
Rob Mahler engines and machine shop, outside of philly. Maybe an hour and a half from you. If you would like his number,pm me. He is the guy Jim uses, built my engine. Runs great , three years. When i picked it up he said " im confident you can push a thousand horsepower thru it". Not cheap but great work.