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Dec 1, 2005
I am looking for a complete 3.8 Turbo engine out of a later model T-Type or GN. Or even a Bird...

But anyways I will trade a Turn Key brand new carb'd 383 stroker for it. Has a 750CFM carb etc. I can get more details for it if you wants. Like to trade because well a 383 wont fit in what I want to put the 3.8 in.

It can be a stock 3.8 or slightly modded. I need the harness and computer with it as well.
Where are you located & would you be interested in a complete '85 TType engine/harness/& ECM? Email me directly if I can help. Thanks.
I'm 6 miles across the Md line in Pa.
I have an 85 Gn motor rebuilt with 500 miles on it. Still in the car we were yanking to send to a customer then he decided he wanted an 87.I would be interested in your motor for an SS I have.