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  • Hi Brian, I received an ordered from you on 9-22-16. Order # 30187. 2 of the 3 parts are incorrect.
    I tried emailing my concerns, but keep getting the auto reject. Please let me know you are working on this issue.
    In need of AC compressor for '87 GN. Believe originals are AC Delco, do you have new Delco units & how much ? If you were local I'd get immed., but I'm in central Ca. & will be gone for a month beginning July 23rd. (so no rush).
    Hey Brian, I've got an 87 T that has been converted to vacuum brakes and I want to convert the car to the Hydroboost setup.. The person I bought it from did not keep any of the Powermaster brake parts. I need the Powermaster brake pedal assembly and all the factory parts that do not come with a commercially available Hydroboost conversion kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

    hey brian im looking at the ha 3in dp and test pipe ,and i want to know if it will bolt right up to the rjc 3in to dual crossflow exhaust they have?O ya the new answering service stinks to ive been trying for a week...lol. and whats the wait on the dp also ,thanks george
    Brian you had indicated (at BG ) that you had a nice hemco you could sell.I was hoping for a 65mm in nice shape. Let me know.
    Thanks Wayne
    Howdy Brian. I heard that you might have clean unbroken inner fender wells for an 86-87 GN and also maybe clean unbroken AC heater box for the same car.
    Brian. I hope you are well. I have Called a few times and spoken to some of your folks over at the shop but no one has called me back for the past few weeks. I ordered sunvisor brackets but the passenger didn't come with a hole drilled in it for the vanity mirror. I need to return the passenger one but need to know to know if you have the one with the hole drilled through it to replace it?
    Bweavy, i talked to someone one at your company yesterday 5/7/12 but its still not right, can u please call me asap tomorrow. ill email u with my info. thank you will
    e-mail me direct bweavy@aol.com I will get it taken care of.
    Hey Bman is it true that the back quarter windows and the outer trim is all one piece? If so do you have good ones and how much? Yes I did get your message to just trying to get a list together thats all. Im looking for the driver side by the way. Thanks,Eric
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