Entering the world of Stage 2


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May 27, 2001
Well, after over 3 years of getting parts together, getting the motor built and now getting the motor in with all the work that needed to be done, I should be getting my car back from Jack Cotton next week. It now has a single 4" exhaust, Turbo 400 tranny, and a pile of other changes. My car should be mid to lower 9s capable, but everyone that know me knows I will keep it backed off into the 10.0 area with diligence. Hopefully it will last a few years before it needs rebuilding. It will be street driven on occasion. The car still looks stealthy...I will post some picks when I have it back next week. I can finally start thinking about driving it again :)
Let me know what it feels like when you get your car back.
I have never had a running stage II car. :frown: :frown:

Can you tell us more about the combination please?
When you do take pics, Take some of this 4" single exhuast you speak of. Is this something Cotton sells or a exhuast shop fabbed up?
The 4" exhaust is a custom built job that exits behind the right rear tire. because of my wolfe sway bar the clearance is apparently VERY tight....we'll see how it works. i originally wanted it Stainless all the way, but the cost would have been more than ridiculous, so it is aluminized steel. Obviously it is going to take some tuning before i can really rip with it...hopefully the weather will hold up and I won't have to wait until March lol.
I was at Jacks, when Brian was starting your exhaust. Let me know how the DNA muffler sounds. Looking to go the same route sans over the axle. Brian
Tell everyone how it all looks....engine and engine compartment....I barely remember but it looked good when I last saw it.
From what I could see, it was very nice. Car was on the lift, so I was on a step ladder looking around. The underside was pretty though. Let me know also how the 4" fits over the axle. Brian can surely weld.