evrv test


No helmet required!
May 25, 2001
Here's the situation. Vacuum going into the evrv is 15. Direct Scan shows the chip is commanding the evrv to apply vacuum while cruising. I'm test driving with a long rubber hose attached to the other port on the evrv and a vacuum gauge in the car. No vacuum to the gauge. Not setting a code 32 so the ecm thinks it's working. I need to get the egr working for inspection this month. Any ideas on how to check the evrv? I don't have access to a spare. Thanks.
found the problem

That $100 for the shop manual paid for itself again. The pnk/blk that's supposed to be 12V with the ign on was actually grounded! Clipped it and hot wired it for a test run and everything's working fine. Now I just have to hunt down one shorted wire and a burned up fuse link. Oh joy.