exact bucket seats in other cars?


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Apr 25, 2010
Are there other cars in the GM line that had the EXACT same buckets in them? GN's are a little hard to come by around here, and I'd like to convert my 60/40 over to buckets. I know the other G-body cars are an obvious choice, but they're just as tough to find, and they usually have a bench of some sort in them. Hoping to broaden my options.

I saw an interchangeability list, but it seemed like seats that will fit as opposed to the same style. Am I wrong?
Well you can always get after market seats and tracks for yours if you do a little searching.
take a look at some gta's and 90 model camaro seats they look very similar to the t types and nationals
f body
There is no other exact seat other than a Regal seat. For example, the cutlass had a plastic back reminiscent of the 70s cars. The monte you've seen. Firebird/camaro had a lower thinner bottom cushion and non-adjustable headrest. Some rivieras 79-85 were wide buckets with a non-operating console but looked nothing like our cars.

If you want factory appearance it must be a Regal Seat, or you might be able to strip the fabric and redo the foam on a different g-body seat. Aside form that you're out of luck and looking for a non-exact seat.

Its like asking for an exact grille or taillight from another car - as much as the car lines shared some parts, interior appointments were not one of them as that was one of the things setting them apart from eachother - its not out there.
I think the seat style to which you are referring are the reclining bucket seats, RPO Code AR9

Not that this is news, but there are always lots of old; off color T Type seats available for sale, for reasonable prices, for recovering.
I've even seen lots of raggedy condition GN AR9 seats for sale at reasonable prices.
Although, in most cases, the new covers are going to cost more than the seat carcass.

But I'd assume you would most likely want to recover anything you came up with to match your interior color.
Which I'm guessing you have a Limited or perhaps even a Std TR Regal with LC2 option.
If it's a Limited, you'd have the interior cloth vs leather culture clash going on to consider.
For a Std TR, the cloth will obviously work.
But there are lots of used AR9 seats out there, you just have to grind to find some nearby to avoid shipping.
Give me your geographic area and perhaps I have something in my files I came across.
Just thought of this...
Whats the plan for the center console?
That's probably the harder part to find in decent shape - and then what are the plans for the floor shifter or non-floor shifter if you will?
I guess just carpet there would be different.
I would always look there and think someone stole my console..but only since I'm used to seeing it there. ;-)
Since I'm still on that thought...
The notion of a TR with the column shift and 60/40 seat is always kind of different.
Neat in a way.
Makes you do a double take.
Sometimes you just have what you have - and learn to appreciate it for what it is - different.
Just a thought.