Exhaust fitment issues

John Ceta

Turbo Regal lover
Jul 30, 2007
I am trying to track down any vibrations and rattles on my parents' car.

The first issue is that the downpipe (Terry Houston, from the looks of it) is smushed up against the crossover. This is bad, and the two should not be touching, right?

The second issue is, the clamp that is connecting the two halves of the crossover pipe in the middle at the bottom appears to be touching the transmission housing. This is also bad, right?
I have a two piece crossover also..It sounds like you don't have the two halves of the crossover pressed together enough..Its alot easier if its on a lift, but I lined mine up in my driveway on ramps and it took a while..I would take the band clamp off and loosen the two bolts on each side till the crossover clears the pan and downpipe and seals at the headers nice..Tighten the four bolts, then start the car and check for leaks..If there are no leaks except at the slip joint, then put the band clamp back on and your done..There's alot of play with a two piece crossover..It will seal in a couple different positions..It sounds like the position its in is just a LiL off, causing both your problems..