Exhaust ?'s

Kyle F

Addicted to Boost
May 24, 2001
Does the TTA need a cat back to post an 11.9?
What one are you using?
Do youi like the sound?
Would you do something else if you did it again?
I dont want to tqake the cat off, I am plannig a DP if I can find a good ne that fits the TTA at a good price and a Random Tech. converter.
Not sure about needing a cat back for that time. As for the other questions... Hooker cat back seems to be liked by the TTA community. I just put one on and love it for the most part. I have not formed a complete opinion on the tips that are included, kind of large for my taste, kind of like a rice car <G>. I also just put on a Terry Houston DP. Mandrel bent stainless with a new TH exhaust housing elbo. Great pipe. They are pricy but worth it. He had to do a lot of work to figure out how to get a 3" pipe in there and I feel he did a great job. Go to www.johnsperformance.com and look in the exhaust section. I would shop around before I buy but you can get pictures and more details there.