Exhaust...what would you do?


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Nov 2, 2005
Just ordered a 3.5 inch downpipe and I would like to know your opinions on what to do for the exhaust system. I am currently running the hooker cat back system and I am very happy with it. As most already know it has a 3 inch collector that bolts to the test pipe. Should I find a 3.5 to 3 inch reducer and fabricate the connection to the test pipe? Or should I try to find a 3.5 cat back system. Is there anyone out there that makes these? Thanks for your help!
i, personally, would run a 3.5" single shot exhaust.

infact thats what im going to do when and if i end up going to a 3.5 DP on my car. right now its 3" all the way back to the rear quarter. and it sounds AWSOME! i never get tired of it.
Talked to Tig Masters LLC and got this:

At this time, we currently do not offer any exhaust systems. Our tentative plans call for development work on them over the winter with possible release in Spring of '08.
We will keep the website updated, and make announcements on Turbobuick.com.
Thanks for your inquiry.

Tig Masters LLC Sales Dept

Anybody else make 3.5 single shots? Thanks!
just get an adapter made up and bolt it to your current setup.
Call Tig Masters again

i just got off the phone with TigMasters and they will build you a testpipe if you want. They are not building exhaust at this time. The testpipe they made me was $110.00. with band clamp. I have a 3.5 THDP that I needed a testpipe to connect to my 3" exhaust system with a factory style flange. It looked and fit perfect. try them one more time. I talked to someone but it was not Patrick. Tell them U need a Tony pipe.
Thanks! I found an adapter so I think I will make it my self. Wish me luck!
I am not making the power....yet:wink: ! When I finish my stroker, the Hookers come off and a single goes on.