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Jul 6, 2005
Well finally got my trans back in.
Decided to do away with the gutted cat and put my test pipe in.
The pevious owner had changed the exhaust he said it was from kenne bell
it had a 4 bolt flange to a ball socket adapter on the cat.
when I took it off to cut the ball socket off and weld my test pipe on it .
Found what can only be called an abortion in exhaust work.
The ball socket reduced the 2 1/2 down pipe to 2 OD so just how small
do you think the ID was.
Man what a waste of time installing a nice exhaust system to only have such
a restriction.
Well anyways with the installtion of the test pipe complete man does the car runs so much better 14 Lbs of boost and NO KNOCK.
where as before with the old exhaust max boost was 12 Lbs and sometimes no knock sometimes knock.
ATD people (attention to detail)