Extender chip part #


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I just picked up a TTA that is running the extender chip with Serial #BWC54B1F. The original owner said the chip is running 23 deg timing on C16. The car is basically stock with Blue tops, Walbro 340, hotwire and adj wastegate. My question is when I run the C16 out what kind of octane am I going to need to run. I have a scanmaster so can I change the timing or am I going to need a milder chip. Thanks
Yes, the original owner was right, that chip is setup for 23/21 timing. That is to say, WOT will be 23° in 1st and 2nd, and 21° in 3rd and 4th. These are pretty much what the original stock chips ran way back when gas was better. :eek:

You'll either have to run upwards of 98 octane gas, or add alky, or get the chip re burned for milder timing curve for pump gas.
Scanmaster cannot change timing, it's a scan tool.


Better gas (98 octane)
Add an alky system
get a milder chip.
If the car has an extender chip on it doesn't it have to have a translator system on it?

If so look to see if it's a T+ setup or GEN II, which has timing adjustments on it.

You possibly can make it a street chip again. :cool:

You should be able to use 100 octane unleaded with it at about 20-22 psi. boost as it is now.