F.a.s.t./dis Lt1 Q's..



was wondering if a crank trigger was enough to work with the DIS..
on my LT1..? if not.. how do I come up with a cam sensor for it..?
I noticed a crank trigger set-up on an LS1 at the Brighton, MI F.A.S.T.
facility when I was there with Jeff Taylor(Ramchargers) and
Brady McNew's twin turbo 96 Camaro...during the Woodward Cruise..
(I had the red 97 T/A nitrous car with the cowl hood)
Also..what will I have to give up (option wise)to run a 2-stage nitrous system..?

Thanks for any info...
Matt Swindle
(NMCA Traction Advantage class/PRO Xtreme Street Class--Racer)
Coming up with a cam sensor on an LT1 seems to be the tricky part. Some people make a modified front cover and incorporate the sensor in the cover, some people make something out of the oil pump drive, and I've seen people modify the Optispark itself. I don't like the idea of modifying the Optispark because they break a lot. If you used it as a cam sync and it broke at WOT I would fully expect your motor to come apart.

The problem I have seen with people putting a cam sensor in the front cover is that cam end play will affect the air gap on the sensor. Worst case scenario is the end play is eaten up completely by cam walk, which is bad for obvious reasons.

I think the best idea I have heard is so far is adding the distributor hole to the intake and using an old distributor to drive the oil pump. The distributor could be cut down and modified to act as a cam sync without the engine looking like it has a mechanical distributor in it. I think I'll lobby to get this offered as a FAST product. There seems to be quite a demand for something of this type in the LT1 crowd!

Brady's Camaro is the most insane thing I have EVER ridden in. I should have known just by looking at the parts and the info in the tuneup file how much power the thing makes but it really took me by surprise. I hope it's still working well after the ride we took, we got a bunch of stuff resolved that day.
yeah his car is just scary fast..
my ride in it..
I could feel the left front tire come off the ground while he was simply rolling
into the throttle at 35 mph...! wOOOhOOO!..
and yeah it's still runnin'...in it's Halloween Scary condition which is F.A.S.T. AND
he's headed to the thunder Racing Southern shootout(Nov-2)..
where I was intending to go..
till I torched a piston at the Orlando World Street Nationals..aaarrrrrgggggg!

since I'm going to be in the 900 plus hp range...on the spray
(a 2-stage dry fogger system to be done by Butch Schrier
a past NOS and Edelbrock R&D engineer....)
will the F.A.S.T. LT1 opti set-up work with that hp..
and until cam sensor conversion hardware is available to convert to DIS..
(as I'm tired of reinventing the wheel...LOL)
is the LT1 F.A.S.T. system capable of being converted to a system compatible with your

The current plan is to get the car runnin' ...
get it to a competent chassis dyno/shop...probably in your area..
and Butch Schrier will fly in to help tune the nitrous system..
would you guys be available to help with the F.A.S.T. tuning..?

Matt, go look here www.nedyno.com Look under contest, Dean is using the crank trigger, cam sensor system on his car, seems to work for him, he might be able to answer some of your questions.
Hey, thanks!
my conceern is as Craig stated..cam end-play..
I emailed Dean..hope to get some info..
gonna be a "long" winter..!

no more opti

Check out this LINK

This is Chris Sikora's car. I met him at the Thunder Shootout, he's a great guy and I'm sure he could help us out.

Hey Craig, I'll stop in next time I'm in town :D

I grin from ear to ear every time I drive it...

Thanks again!
I have worked with Chris before and he is a cool guy. And that is a clean car he has, no doubt about it!

What he does is cool, but I just don't care for the idea of a small cap distributor on a big HP engine, especially a forced-induction one. I don't mean to sound critical of anything Chris is doing, I just don't think it's the best solution in all cases.

I really like the idea of coil-on-plug. I will do that on my own car. From a performance standpoint I can't think of a better way to fire an engine. We're still working on ways to get around issues like a simple cam sensor solution for LT1s (and others but LT1s mostly) and rev-limiting, but COP ignitions are the hot ticket.

Brady, I'm sure you cruise regularly from Mobile to Detroit... I'll wait by the door for another test and tune trip in the Camaro!! LOL

Good luck with whatever route you take and feel free to post here if I can help.
Brady, I'm sure you cruise regularly from Mobile to Detroit... I'll wait by the door for another test and tune trip in the Camaro!! LOL

I get around more than you might guess.. ;)

All you have to do is market a cam sensor and eDist setup utilizing LS1 coil packs incorporating a rev limiter and capacity for a 2-step, and you have a customer :)

I would take great joy in smashing my optispark w/a 16# sledgehammer.

Will we be seeing you at PRI?
Brady, I followed your buildup over the last year and it is really nice. It's great that you have it running and are able to enjoy it.

A little bit about me...

I am a turbo buick guy but I also have a full size chevy blazer that i installed a 94 lt1 in. It is mostly stock with a mild cam and p&p heads, Accell DFI, no big deal.

My question to you is, can you tell me about that intake elbow on Chris's LT1 http://www.ls1tech.com/ubb/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=31;t=000107;p=

I just have a air filter sitting on the front of my throttle body and my intake air temps a very high. Since that engine doesnt belong in my truck i cant just buy a CAI for a 94 Chevy Blazer. I plan on building a custom one but it would be nice to have that elbow to go from the oval TB intake to a round tube!

I have seen similar elbows from blower kits but they all seem to go towards the drivers side. I need one that go's towards the passengers side like the one on Chris's car. Maybe I can just turn it over?

Any help would be appreciated, I am not registered over there on LS1tech.com and I saw your post here, so I thought I would ask!


Thats a vortech inlet elbow.....around $75


what you can do is just get some 4" tubing/pipe and squish it in a vise and ovalize it to fit the throttle body. If you take your time it looks REALLY nice

its too late otherwise i'd go find a link of someone who did this i know of