New engine having excessive smoking issues+ engine pron


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Apr 7, 2009
View attachment 243122 P1070020.JPG P1070035.JPG P1070073.JPG P1080144.JPG P1080198.JPG IMG_9847 (1).jpg P1080154.JPG 553607_748104118539915_1004458094_n.jpg 1235508_748104458539881_1855547635_n.jpg Hi all, Its been a long journey for me to get my T back up and running, but its turned out pretty good and I had a great time including my son on it this time, Ive had the car since before he was around and just plain cool being able to work out in the shop with him on it.:happy: The smoking issue is the M/T et streets pretty much boil at anything over half throttle.... one of lifes greatest pleasure is laying down some rubber as far as Im concerned. Anyone else with me on that? Anyhow thought Id share some engine porn of the build process and install. I know when I see what others are doing it motivates me to work a little harder. Got it done and had one short dyno day, and drove it 100 miles or so and put it up for winter so we could start on the kids car, we are switching it over from a F2 procharger set up to a nitrous set up for next year. enjoy the pics and ask any questions you have, Thanks for your interest and thanks for all who contribute on this site. thanks, Mannie The engine build up is a 3.8 012 buick off center stage 2 block. 3.400 buick motorsports crank, 6.500 carillo rods, wiseco pistons 1/16 x 1/16/3/16 rings, top ring is .250 down, new 14 bolt oil pan with 7/8 inch added to sump and a pick up was made to work with the block and pan. GN1 heads that were ported and reworked along the way, if you look close you can see where 1 pushrod hole had to be sleeved, it was paper thin and as soon as I put a pick to it, it tore open. We cut out the egr tower, welded it in and ported the intake to match the heads. All oil passages in the block and front cover were blended and smoothed, stock size gears were used no Hi volume stuff. Buick motorsports balancer was modified to work with the 87 crank trigger set-up. Stud mount rockers with 1.6 ratio were used, and arp studs. Stock bore throttle body has been angle cut and shaft has been trimmed. T/A stainless headers and T/A 3 1/2" down pipe. NOS ATR 3" dual stainless exhaust system. Billet 71 BB turbo, and we made a 5" aluminum air intake pipe that fits without rubbing, and had it black texture powder coated so it doesn't blind you. PTC converter from dusty and still using the 200r4. Fast xfi and 96# injectors from cal n holly, Tuned by trevor at hutter racing in chardon. I m sure theres more but enough typing for now. Cam: 224/212, .584 .533 lift. 113L/C. Comp 917 springs 230-240 seat and 550-560 open. 233 inch, 8.2-1 compression, Heads flowed high 230's 25 pounds oil at idle 70-75 @6500 Comp endurex solid rollers msd wires, gm coil and module. Had one short dyno day, had a fuel regulator issue that ate up a few hours but it did manage to make 680 rwhp on a mustang dyno. 29-30# boost peak power was 62-6300. power was pretty much flat from 6000-6500 When the boost cam up it flashed to 6000 and we tried not to go past 6500. all in all a good first day. we will refine it more next spring. C16 for fuel thanks for your interest.


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Very Nice build, and very cool doing it with your son.
Down right sexy!! Like those valve covers...
Thanks for the valve covers tbone, when I got those from you, I could not find a new set any where and then I decided I liked the painted touch you gave them and blacked out some other stuff to go with them namely The 5" aluminum inlet pipe jr. made up for me. Thanks again
Awesome! We have a very similar build. That gives me something to strive for. Is that a Red Armstrong intercooler?
Yep I was fortunate to be able to get one of his coolers, This was not a purpose built engine It was mostly stuff I had left over from before. The engine seems pretty lively and will work until the next one is finished. Your build looks good, you should make some big power with it.
Yes we had a local shop angle bend the sides for us and cut and fit every the rest of it here. turned out nice I did not want to cover it up! It still has gaps in the corners to breath the pics dont show it though.
I just saw your local... What shop did the Fab work?
I just saw your local... What shop did the Fab work?
It was ccg machine in kent next door to where my son works. They had the aluminum 1/8" and bent it for us. we cut and finished it here, same for the the bottom flat piece except it is sheet steel they shear cut the angles. where are you at turbodaniel?
I'm just over in Hudson .. since my motor is out of the car I'm looking to do pan like that
cool, Im over near green, we will have to get together sometime. I will see if i have more pics that would usefull for you.
Yes I would like to meet up sometime... I race at Quakercity, 42 and Norwalk pretty often, maybe see you out there

Any addl pics you have would be helpfull, thanks