F.A.S.T. install


Jan 26, 2002
Im being pursueded to go with a fast system. I wondered if you have to cut wires or what? What does it take to put in? Any info appreciated.
The setup available is plug and play, you will need to tap into 1 wire,and run the 02 harness that comes with the kit from inside the car to under the hood and weld a new 02 sensor bung into your downpipe.Pm me for more details
Otto-With the fast-xfi , do you need to have temperature probes in each of the exhaust header tubes?
you dont need to,That is an add on option.But it is something that will help you get a precise tune and make full use of the individual fuel and timing controls for a well balanced and running engine,The EGT setep is being finished soon.And will be available from Hartline Performance.