F.A.S.T. upgrade/engine harness


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I have a F.A.S.T. sequential system that I was using with my Buick V6 that I want to upgrade to individual cylinder control. Im also gonna be changing powerplants, im gonna be putting in a small block Chevy with a T100 Turbo. What changes do I need to do to my system to make this work. The part # on my ECU is 30-222310. Also, what do I use now for a wiring harness? Is one available from FAST? Whats the part #?

If it makes a difference, im gonna be using a Jessel belt drive distributor with a MSD 7al3

The ECU needs to be converted to work with an inductive crank pickup, and there are several other Buick-specific features inside the ECU that need to be changed as well.

What wiring harness do you have now? If you have the FAST harness, you should have everything you need as that harness is made for a V8 and has provisions for an inductive crank pickup input. Obviously the injector harness you have may be different as well. Again, our injector harness is for a V8.

Let me know what you want to do and when you want to do it and I'll help you get squared away.
I just picked up a harness from somebody who had one but is not using it, part # 30-7012. I also got the injector harness for 8 injectors. Im ready to upgrade this right now, one less thing i'll have to do later.