F.A.S.T vs. Accel DFI



Hi guy's :)

I own a Camaro but was told you guy's know alot regarding computer selection and programing.

My question is are any of you familiar with the ACCEL generation VII DFI.

I recently called The Turbo People about getting rid of the FMU on my supercharged Z/28 and they mentioned the Accel unit.
What would you suggest I buy the Speedpro or the Accel?

Do you have any comments on the Turbo People?I live in Mass but will send the car to whoever.

p.s. next year I was thinking of getting rid of the supercharger and going Turbo.Probably T76.l
The Turbo Peolpe recommended Kooks ( www.kookscustomheaders.com ) anybody know anything about these guy's also. They gave TTP a estimate of $6-7K for the turbo setup which seems like alot of money.

Thanks and great site :D

see ya
Hey Mke what's up?

Dean sent me over hear.I wanted to know about the different computers.I thought for sure some of your turbo buddies would have chimed in.

What nobody ca help out a Camaro owner. :(

you werent surposed to see the turbo question.That was going to be top seceret.And oh I think I can catch you.You will putall your money into that apartment while I'm dumping more into the car.

Alreay ordered the k-member that Marc got and the computer purchase is getting real close.That turbo idea was something I was thinking about.Already bored with my setup. :D

see ya
Vortech I will give you mu 2 cents here.

I am pretty familiar with the DFI batch fire box. The new DFI Gen 7 is out now but it is about $3000 for the whole set up.

The FAST set up I am looking at right now. I estimate the cost to be $ 2500 for a comparable set up.

For what you are trying to do I am going to assume you want a sequential ECM, wide band O2 so you can tune it right.

The new DFI is getting good reviews from Ken Duttweiler, he has dynoed a couple of motors using the DFI and he likes it. From the info available on the web site, the DFI seems like a really good step up from what the previous versions were.

The FAST system from what I have been told so far, is very user friendly. Remember this is a Fel Pro unit using newer software. Not that the Fel Pro is old, it is not. The Fel Pro box has a ton of features on it and the new software seems to make it much easier to use .

I think the deciding factor in all of this will be cost and availability.

I do think that both of these systems are pretty much the same in what they offer and features.

It may come down to a preference having used one or the other in the past.

For me, the FAST system is getting my vote only because the customer support seems to be really good for tuning your combination.

Good luck
Have you considered Holley?

I'd throw in Holley's Commander 950 into the mix aswelll. It's a robust unit that is also easy to tune. The new race s/w can control a wideband O2. Although it does not include it the WBO2, I purchased a stand alone WBO2 that I use in conjunction with it. It works very well and totalled a few hundred dollars under anything else. I have also tuned other rides with my WBO2 that has allowed me to recoup the money for it...so I guess to say I have alot less in it. Dennis
John, I already knew you were taking about going to a Turbo. Its big money but the drivability of the car will be awesome. No vibration or anymore noise crap. Once you go Turbo you never go back :D Look at Smittys Car, 305ci with a Turbo going 9s and its his daily ride with some tiny cam and the car looks and sounds stock.

Get a FAST, That will make You, Marc, and Dean with the same setup. Should make it easier for all you guys to dial it in plus its supposed to be the best thing out there. Nobody has the new DFI yet so why be the Gunnia pig to try it?
Kooks headers in Long Island NY does great work. They do everything form prostock motorcycles to funny cars. I have used them in the past. Expensive but good.
Thanks for all the help guy's. :D

I think I am going with the F.A.S.T computer.

If you want to talk to someone who has a lot of experience with FAST systems on supercharged LT1's give Berrel Auto Repair in PA a call. They are a FAST dealer and have done many of FAST tuned supercharged LT1's in Camaro's, Firebird's, and Impala SS's (one known to run around MA, owned my a pro baseball player). Their number is 215-659-8549. Give them a call on Monday and ask for Dale or Chris.