F-Body Sway Bar?????


Wish I had another Buick!
Jan 10, 2004
I thought I had seen somewhere that the 4th Gen front sway bar would fit the G-Body and it is hollow vs solid.
Anyone know about this??
Its the 3rd gens you're looking for. I forget all of the different sizes there are, but the two you'd want is the 34mm hollow or the 36mm hollow. I've got a 36mm hollow bar on my car, and the thing was noticably lighter than the stock non-f41 bar on the front.
I'm assuming you could use either with the stock sway bar bushings? Or do you need to trim/get different ones?
I used the bushings that were on the car that the bar came off of. I reused the stock bracket and originally reused the stock endlinks. If you do it you might as well spend the extra for new bushings, and pick up some poly endlinks. The poly endlinks made a noticable improvment when I replaced the worn rubber ones.