F/S: PTE 65mm Plenum w/ RJC PP & AccuFab TB; GN1 test pipe; GN1 ext WG parts


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Jul 9, 2001
Just got redoing my stoker motor again, and have some parts left over that I didn't reuse ... See pics attached after description ...
1. I upgraded to 70mm intake, so I have my AccuFab 65mm TB, PTE 65mm plenum, and RJC power plate available ... The plenum has a light silver powder coat, the PP has gaskets, and the TB has the vacuum and IAC gaskets and water line fittings (not shown). The PP is drilled for EGR operation since I live in NorCal and have to have my EGR operating for smog tests. I really want to sell the three parts together, and am asking $325 shipped in the lower 48 United States.

2. Older used version of GN1 3" test pipe for their external WG downpipe. I think it is chrome plated. It is 13" in total length, and I have no gasket or clamp for it. Outer finish is rough with some minor surface rust, but there are no dents, cracks, and it is pretty clean on the inside. Asking $40 shipped in the lower 48 States.

3. Used GN1 external wastegate parts for spare or DIY'er. I think it is 38mm, but not sure. I had my GN1 DP re-engineered with a Tial WG and new piping to ensure better boost control. This one needs a rebuild at the very least, or maybe someone wants to make their own DP. Asking $50 shipped in the lower 48 States.

First one to PM me they want parts gets 'em, and thanks for looking!!
John A, Turbohh


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I’ll take the test pipe

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Oooos never mind I thought it was a cut out

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I've had a couple of PMs about the WG (3) ... Just want to clarify that it doesn't work right, and will need some repair, or be used for parts. It was not consistent holding boost, and I'm sure exactly what was wrong with it. I modified my GN1 DP with better tubing, and a larger hole in the DP for improved boost control, as well as the Tial WG. I have clarified this with the first person to PM they want it, and if he passes, I'll update this thread. Just wanted to be clear with everyone why it's for sale and so cheap ... Sorry to all for any confusion I generated, LOL ...
John A, Turbohh
WG really sold! Thanks Ivan!
The Doghouse/TB/PP and test pipe still available ...
John A, Turbohh
Bump to the top ... Still have the test pipe and the nice 65MM intake set-up ... Happy to consider offers
John A, Turbohh
Sale pending on TB/Plenum/PP ... Still have the test pipe, and happy take offers on it ...
John A, Turbohh