Factory and aftermarket parts for sale


Jul 9, 2001
Had some extra time to put a list together of parts I have in storage. All parts are plus shipping and paypal fees.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Factory speedo rear housing have three - $5 each

Factory support assembly cushion part number 348080 have four - $50 for all four

Factory inside door handle new - $10

Factory speedo cable new - $15

Factory turbo drain tube - $40

Factory 3.8 SFI turbo emblem new - $50

Factory window switch have two new - $10 each

Factory new third brake light assembly - $125

Factory outside door handles right and left new - $20 for both

Factory brake light switch new - $5

Factory PCV valve AC Delco new have eight of them - $12 each

Factory O2 sensor AC Delco new - $20

Factory wheel cap have one new - $35

Factory wheel cap have one used - $20

Factory down pipe elbow for turbo - $25

Factory MAF used - $20

Factory radiator fan - $50

Factory throttle body - $50

Factory turbo cover - $75

Factory fuel hose set new - $10

Factory 87 GN badges used - $50

Factory lug nuts only five new - $10

Factory front swaybar – $40

Factory rear lower upper control arms - $40

Factory glove box grey new - $50

Factory radio bezel used (one broken clip) - $20

Factory radio bezel new - $50

Factory speedo glass cover new - $25

Factory speedo dash gauge used – make offer

Factory plenum - $75

Factory light bulbs for speedo gauge – make offer

Factory AC switch knobs have three - $10 for all three

Factory windshield wiper tank used – make offer

Factory ash tray - $5

Factory fuel rail with vacuum lines and aftermarket fuel regulator - $150

Factory fuel rail - $40

Factory AC heat shield - $50

Power steering pump - $50

Alternator with pulley - $50

After market MAF sensor and four-inch pipe - $100

Aftermarket turbo believe it to be a TA49 min shaft play - $400

Upper radiator hose - $25

2 x Coil packs with wires and brackets - $150 each

Chrome MAF 3 inch pipe - $80

Upper intercooler chrome pipe $80

Aftermarket Boost gauge with a-piller pod - $50

Aftermarket water/volt gauges with dual pod - $50

Innovate Motorsports wide band 3844-MTX-L used - $100

Kirban Performance LED dashlight kit used - $60

Spark plug wires Thundervolt 50 used - $50

Turbonetics boost controller used - $50

Camshaft position sensor part number 255169153172 new - $200

2 x Four inch MAF couplers new - $10 each

Knock sensor new - $10

Driver side mirror new - $50

Ash tray panel switch (trans fan and line lock) - $40

GN aftermarket lug nuts have ten - $10 for all ten

Bumper filler fiberglass passenger side - $75

Holley black electric fuel pump with AN fittings - $100

Passenger side visor t-top panel - $10

Center t-top panel have two - $10 each

Lower steering wheel panel - $10

Water heater value new - $25

HVAC blower control switch - $10

AC Delco crank shaft sensor bracket - $8

ECM memory cable from Casper’s electronics - $10

UMI Performance rear end housing bushings 3000-R new - $30

Mass Airflow Sensor part number GM 15904068 new - $75

Does the used factory MAF work?

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Ill take the heater valve.. the new lug nuts pending pics on lug nuts
Glove box, speedo cable, cluster lens, and new radio bezel.

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I will take the NOS NEW in the box outside door handles and NOS inside door handle please. PM Sent. Thank you.
Factory MAF works, have a local guy interested. If he passes I will let you know.

If the new MAF is still available and it’s a new GM unit I will take it!

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Ill take the heater valve.. the new lug nuts pending pics on lug nuts
O.K. on the heater valve. Send me a PM with your zip so I can figure out shipping. You can see the lug nuts in the first pic towards the bottom. Let me know.
Second on inside and outside door handles along with hood emblem.

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Ill take the two window switches, driver side mirror, bottom black dash cover if not broken, speedo glass, and knock sensor. Let me know what you want for the cluster?