Factory Chips


Broke as hell.........
Jun 22, 2001
Are the factory chip reprogramable? If so, what chip do you select. I haven't tried to use one, I've only used 2732A's. I'm fixing to order a handfull of 2732A's from BM but I don't want to order any more than I have to. ;)

Thanks Sleeper. I already have the UV eraser, but was having trouble getting some of them to reprogram. After fiddling with the programing voltages last night I finally got the ones that would go to program.
Donnie Glad to hear you got most of it sorted out.
Just in case you didn't know this already, I only use the Pocket Programmer in DOS. If I run a DOS window under Windows, I usually get some programming errors.

That's what I have been using with the newest windows software(1.34). I'm currently running it under XP with no problems, but the older windows versions would crap out most of the time. I have found two or three different kinds of chips used in the "148" ECM's. Of course some of these computers have been out of other cars than the TR. Some can be programmed with the 2732A's settings w/ 21v and some like the 27c32 with 25v. Weird huh? As far as bought 2732A's they all program just fine.