factory oil fittings on block


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I am trying to figure out what I need to put the Turbo Oil feed line back onto the side of the engine block, where the pressure switch and original oil feed line were. Currently the car has the remote oil filter adapter and hoses on it, and where the oil filter is mounted there is a fitting to attached the oil feed line for the turbo.

The factory had some kind of splitter coming out of the motor to allow the pressure sensor and turbo oil feed line, currently I only have an oil line going to the oil pressure gauge, (mechanical) in the car. Would like to eliminate the remote oil filter kit and put bothe the turbo oil feed line and oil pressure gauge feed line back on the side of the block as the factory had it. I am currently running a 70 series turbo with braided line from the oil filter mounting location to the turbo oil feed. Not sure of the size of the connectors, so don't know what I need to buy or assemble to accomplis this. I especially do not know the connector size of the threaded hole in the block.

Any ideas?

The threaded hole in a production block is 1/4 in. NPT
You will need a 1/4 in. close nipple --a 1/4 in. tee--and an adapter to hook the turbo oil feed line to.