Factory Shift Points


Oct 28, 2001
I was just wondering at what RPM do most of your cars shift at WOT? My factory tach (I know it's not very accurate, but...) seems to show about 3,500 RPM during my entire 1/4 mile run, before during and after shifts. This seems a little low to me. I wonder if this is contributing to my lower performance. Should I try manually shifting it once and see what happens? What could this be related to? Flat cam lobes? TV cable not adjusted properly?

If anyone has had this problem, let me know what you found. Thanks!:confused:
The car should shift at/around 5200-5400 RPM....Those stock lights are crap.....your better off sticking your head out the window and listening to the motor then relying on it for accurate engine RPMs.
Mine seems like it shifs to soon so i played with the tv cable and it takes a little longer to shift now

If you get on the drivers side and push in the D shape thing to adj the tv cable , i pull it all the way at to me on the drivers side and then push it back about 3-4 rings and it shifts nice at the track.

Ihave to put it to about 5-6 rings on the line to get it to shift into over drive tho.

might help, good luck
No point in going over 4,500 to 4,800 on a stock hotair motor. It's pretty much dead after that point and you'll probably slow down if you take it higher. If it's moded then you can shift higher.
crazy, stop.

Do NOT **** with your TV cable, pull it out, get inside the car and floor it. THERE. Its set. If you touch it other than that, pull it ONE or TWO more clicks. NO MORE. You will KILL YOUR TRANSMISSION IF YOU KEEP PLAYING WITH IT.

My phoenix trans shifts about 4,800-5,000 every time if you just put it in drive and race.. But at the track ill keep it in 2nd and shift to 3rd at 5200 or so... seems to work fine for me. Oh yea, I dont do any of that locking the converter BS..
Mine is set at about the 4 ring i think i read some were this is from the factory set there.Sould i push the cable to the tb some moreor have some one hold the button and i floor it then they let go off it. and thats set.

Press in the adjusting tab (the metal "D" shaped thing) and move the slider back through (towards the drivers side) until it stops. Now either press the throttle all the way open at the throttle body, or press the accelerator pedal to the floor, and you are finished.
The TV cable (what we have) is not the same as the kickdown cables of old (or older I should say). The TV cable controls line pressure...which you dont want to mess with.
I see ,so push in the d shape thing and floor the car ,when it is floored then let go of the d shaped thing then let off the gas . Is that what you are saying to do.

thanks for the help guys you saved me again
Actually, crazygn, you dont have to keep pressing the "D" shaped thing. Only press it to get the slider all the way in towards the drivers side, then let go. Now when you give it WOT the slider will pull out to where it needs to go on its own (you will hear it clicking).
Thanks again you guys just saved my poor little tranny and me alot of money that i dont have.

thanks again guys, kevin
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