factory valve covers

michael evans

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A set of factory valve covers that are set up for roller rockers that I am taking off.

Driver's side has the "elbow" that has a filter on top. It comes off for the oil fill.

Passenger's side has the small filter behind the turbo.

Included and glued to the covers are the 1/4" ? spacers, two rubber gaskets on each (one above and one below the spacer) and the hex head hold down bolts.

$60.00 shipped to a Continual US address.
Interested. Any pics? Which roller rockers and heads were you running?
Right one is off and the driver's is still on. I will take a few pictures in a few minuets




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I was just waiting for pics, I checked on Friday and didn't see any, odd. I'll take them , paypal info please.