fan kicks on

shock tube

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Jun 26, 2003
The fan will kick on for no apparent reason. I now it cools after you run it but i came home one day and the car had been parked for a couple of days and the fan was running. Any suggestions.
Most likely the delay relay.....unplug it and see if the problem goes away

Delay relays are prone to get water inside and we often smear a little silicone around the seam on the bottom. On the other hand, with a good cooling car, the relay may never be triggered and a lot of us just leave it unplugged as it does not do anything, anyway. :)
Is the fan delay relay the one that is the farthest rearward of the 3 or on the driver side just below the hood.
Thanx for the info. I unplugged it and it stopped acting up for a while then started kicking on again. I'll just leave it unplugged and see how that goes. Thanks again.