fans stay on after i shut motor off


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Feb 17, 2004
my fan stays on even after i turn the engine off. is this common because i never noticed this before. what causes this and what is the fix for this problem?
If it continues to stay on until the point it runs your battery down it is a bad fan delay relay. Mine was doing that. Do a search here on "fan delay relay" they cost about $30 if I remember correctly.
If your car is over a certain temp (I can't remember what it is) when you shut it off, the fan will run for up to 10 minutes.
Mine runs after shutoff only if the AC was on at shutoff. Runs a while then quits.

It doesn't run after shutoff if the AC is off. Have a 160 stat so maybe it would run if the temp was higher.
It has nothing to do with the A/C switch position, only the temp at shutdown. When the temp reaches 205 degrees after the engine is shut down, the fan will kick on until the temp drops below that value.

If you were running the A/C, the underhood temps are likely hotter and the sensor usually gets to that temp. The fan will also run after shut down on a hot day even if you haven't run the A/C if temp after shutdown reaches 205 degrees.

If you are running a 160 thermostat, the fan will come on less often after shut down.
The fan on my GN has never ran once after shut down, never even knew it was supposed to until my friends was running one day when he shut the engine off....then got my TTA, and it would run everytime for a minute or two....then one day the TTA fan wouldn't cut off after shutdown....and the GN started having a battery drain...the culprit on both accounts was the fan relay....I just unplugged the relay and never had a problem again with battery drain or fan not cutting off.
The relay on the Gn is right on the driver fender, forget the color of wires though and my GN is in the tranny shop or I'd go look so just pull the plug out of the relay and don't worry about the problems that can be caused, what good does running the fan for a minute do except cool off the water in the radiator, doesn't circulate the coolant into the motor so what good is it really doing.
On the TTA the relay is on the passenger side of the radiator.
My fan used to turn on about 3 mins after i shut the car off and run for about 5 mins. That was with a stock 195 thermostat. Do yourself a favor and get a 160 thermostat and a chip programmed for use with this thermostat and your fan should never come on agian after shut down. but if your asking if something wrong, no its prefectly normal for a car with a stock thermostat