FAST Logging


May 11, 2002
I hear of guys having problems with the windows version of C-Com all the time. I have my share of glitches every once in a while, but I blame it on the IBM Thinkpad. What I'm seeing is, when logging a run at the track w/ either 10 or 20 frames p/sec. Upon playback it seems to be only recording at about 1-1/2 to 3 . It's a Pentium II 166 mhz w/ 80 MB Ram, so the processing speed shouldn't hold it back that much ! I could see if it was a pre Pentium model. Am I right or does anyone have any other ideas ? I can try the DOS version if this is the only way out, as others say good things about it vs the Windows version.


P.S. any update on the newer version of C-ComWP coming out ? Will this solve some of these issues ? When will we see it ? Craig ? ?
Other threads on the first page addressing new versions of C-Com WP.

With regard to the data logging problems you are having, what version of C-Com WP are you using? Look in HELP/ABOUT, it will tell you there. Also, how many sensors are you attempting to log? And are there any other windows open when you are logging? If there are more than 14 sensors being updated, even ones in another table that may be open behind the data logger, the communication slows to a trickle and produces the symptoms you are describing. This is the most common cause of this.
Thanks for the reply Craig. I have version 1.007. I have 14 sensors logged during a run. Normally I don't have any other windows open within C-Com or any other programs open either. Will the dos version work a bit faster ? I believe it would use up less resources than the Windows version? Will the dashboard in the new version, work in dos also ?

The DOS version has the same dashboards, etc., except that you can only view one table at a time- you can't have the VE table open at the same time as the timing table, etc.

When you say that "normally" you don't have any other windows open, that is critical. When the laptop is trying to read more than 14 settings at a time it switches into a *very* slow communications mode and cause problems for logging. If you are logging 12 sensors and just happen to have another table open in the background that reads 4 more sensors, you will have the problem.

The DOS version doesn't have the problem because you can't open more than one window at a time, hence you will only be polling the sensors requested by the log.

-Bob Cunningham
Found my problem

I found the problem with my datalogging. I can't believe it, but it was staring me in the face !! I had the HR RPM as one of the sensors being logged cause I saw somewhere that all the other RPM's are based off of this one. The thing is, a box popped up
B-4 each log to tell me the HR would "significantly slow down the logging" , but I would just click OK !! Talk about going right over my head !! I'm surprised that no-one else asked me about this, but maybe they figured nobody could be that blind !!
I just wanted to post this so everyone could see what not to do !

Thanks everyone