FAST o2 question


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Jan 18, 2004
recently purchased used FAST system with part#30-213211 serial#303, but did not come with an o2. What do I need as far as a o2, part#??? I already have a wiring harness with an o2 plug on it. Can I pick one up at a local parts store?
Is it a Wide Band O2?,
if so you have to buy the sensor and calibration software from F.A.S.T...
Sit down when you make the call, they're expensive.
some info

That part number is:
30-7000 $399.00

You will have to order it using the unit S/N.
Let me tell a little more of the story. I purchased this used system and was told it was for a sequi, crank trigger capable, with a wide bank o2, part #30-213211. The 5 diget of the part # is a 1, that should mean it has wide band o2 option. The used system did not have it because it was a spare computer for the other guy. Question is do I need just the sensor or sensor with calibration disc?
If you do not have a sensor now, you will need to purchase a new sensor with a new calibration disk.

The guy who sold you the unit should still have the sensor that came with it originally- can't he give that to you? That sensor won't need a calibration disk.

-Bob Cunningham
A spare??

The prev owner had to have 1 disc and 1 sensor for each of the boxes.[assuming he bought them new] Otherwise, the so called "spare" would have been useless, unless he ran it open loop w/o the sensor.
Furhermore, that missing sensor and disc is worthless, as it's good only for the box you bought.[S/N sensitive]

Like Bob said, get the sensor and disc from the seller, or, it's $400 time.......:eek: :eek: