FAST XFI 2.05 with internal logging and Casper's adapter harness


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Jun 1, 2001
I have a FAST XFI 2.05 with internal logging I want to sell. The set up comes with a Casper's adapter harness, 3 bar MAP, wbo2 w/ extended harness, laptop cable with a USB/serial adapter. I have 2 different harnesses that go from the Casper's box to the XFI box. One of them is the short standard harness and the other is brand new extended 36" harness that will allow you to out the XFI box under the passenger seat. $1475 shipped for the complete set up with the short harness and $1550 for everything and both the short harness and the extended 36" harness. Please add 3% or send as a gift if using PayPal. Thanks


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