faster times- remove sway bar


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Iam trying to get my car to go a little faster before the track close's, some one told me to take the sway bar off and i can pick up more time .

Has any one ever done this , and how much can i drop my time by doing this .

iam running a slower speed at the end of the track 108.5 to a 106.1, could this be from the tire press at 40psi 108.5 and 18psi 106.1. maybe making the tire lower. Could i run a taller tire and run the same time or better. I run bf drag's 275-50-15 .

any help or idea's to make it go faster with what i got, thanks
did you raise the fuel pressure ?
being on the rich side can kill mph.

most i've seen post on the swaybar subject dont get much diff with or without it.
At first i lite the knock gauge uphalf way and let off. The 2nd time i took the fuel press up a good bit from 29-30 with the vac on to about 33-34 and the boost was abou19-20psi no knock , same boost as 1st time.

Then i took the boost to 23psi and left the fuel press the same and no knock , i was going to try 1psi more to see if it was running rich but they closed on me.

Iwas running 18psi in the bf drag's , and with the new brakes i could hold about 5-6 psi at the light. It sound ike i have a little exhuast leak in the pass side header, this could be it i am going to check it out and fix it with the oil leak i have .

I wish i could get that scan tool before the track close's and try the 110 race chip and see what it will do.

I want to go low 12's i would kiss my own a-- with 11.99999

what do you think i can get with a tune and race chip 26* timing
this IS my opinion.. so for what its worth....

making alot of changes @ the track is kind of pointless..

how impressive is a 11 second car that runs a 13.50 on the street? for example.. not talking about your car.

This is the only thing I dont like about buicks... they can drop 1-2 seconds in the ET department at the track.. consequently, most buicks are ALOT slower on the street.

However.. race gas can be (almost) matched with alky.. you can run the same amount usually, just wont make as hp as it would with race gas.

Slicks.. well I know tons of people who run slicks/DOT's on the street..

Swaybar.. youre not gonna drive every day with it removed are you?

with that said, I am being a hypocrite when it comes to the traction and boost aspects.. i will use slicks at the track and race gas (20psi) to hit a 12.. just so I can brag about havin a 12 second car.. hehe.