Fastest N/A S/B Corvette on the planet?

Hey Greg, Do you think it's possible to build a reliable 8 second T 700R4 ??
Out of my range regardless.
Race cars = lost $. the more you spent the bigger the hit.
Maybe he should get more $ races :confused:
Originally posted by Tony87gn
Thats been posted on here before I think.

yeah, its been relisted i guess, thats not to far from me, i should go race him and see if it really is fast.

oh yeah, did you notice that the transmission has a line lock?
Bull$hit flag on this one!!

This guy MUST be on controlled substance!!
I'm using my entire years supply of bull$hit repellant on that ad!!

How freaking STUPID does he think folks are????
Greg, TCI should buy that car just to see how that 700 trans that holds up to 2000 HP, is built..:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I'd really like to see his "collection" of 300 cars too...:p
Right on chuck, i need some of what he has been smoking, there are a lot of buicks that will kick his butt, then most corvette owners march to a different band than other people, my friend another old retiree has a new z o 6 corvette, he thinks it will run in the low 11 he has never been to a drag strip. some one told him it would, sure, no tracks around here pay 25,000 to match racers, :confused:
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some one told him it would, sure, no tracks around here pay 25,000 to match racers, :confused:

That car has never been to a track. No track in the would let him run "180mph 1/4 miles" with just that rollbar.
Another can of bs spray wasted!!

The good ol HP calculator says he'd be making 1140HP to go 180@2500#....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I bet he's a fertilizer salesman too!!!:D :D
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WoW, and he has air too! Looks like a 11.99 cage to me.

Air? That is a gutted AC compressor just for looks.

11.99 cage? Those side bars look like they are only legal for 12.00:D

And actually it isn't listed as the "Fastest", but rather the "Finest" street legal pro modified small block exotic Corvette, which brings up the question of what state doesn't require a speedometer in a street car.