FASTfest Postponed 1 week due to weather


FASTfest 2001 Postponed until Wednesday 9/26/2001
Inclement weather is a strong possibility for tomorrow's scheduled event. The local forecast is for thunderstorms all day tomorrow and an inch of rain. I have been getting some phone calls from out of state participants and most prefer not to risk it. In addition, some have called to cancel. After speaking with the track, they also agree. I hope this does not cause any undue inconvenience but since this is a relatively small group, I feel it best to postpone rather than gamble the entire event on the weather. I hope everyone understands.

Please call or email for more details:


FAST Office: (810)225-2700

If you plan on attending next Wednesday, please let us know and how to contact you. I would like a list of contacts in order to prevent a reoccurence of this week.

Please help spread the word! Thank you.

Weather in Stanton is looking crappy again for wednesday:rolleyes: Are we still on for that day or what? Let us know, weather report is for scattered showers.:(
How about Thursday?


P.S. Sorry for the short notice on this, but we're doing everything we can to fight the weather here. It's never easy in Michigan. Thursday is one option for us.
YES YES YES Thursday looks a lot better! it would be great. Hey what about Friday it would be even better! Then I bet more people would be able to show. Let us know ASAP :D :cool:
Friday is out. Track has another event scheduled. It looks like Thursday. I would appreciate any help in the getting the word out. I would really hate for anyone to show up tomorrow because they didnt get the word. Oh well.. At least the trophies will be done in time. :)