FASTfest postponed one more day


May 25, 2001
FASTfest 2001 Postponed until Thursday 9/27/2001
Inclement weather is a strong possibility for tomorrow's scheduled event. The local forecast is for rain most of the day tomorrow. I have been getting more phone calls from out of state participants and most prefer not to risk it. After speaking with the track, they also agree. I hope this does not cause any undue inconvenience but since this is a relatively small group, I feel it best to postpone rather than gamble the entire event on the weather. I hope everyone understands.

Please call or email for more details:


FAST Office: (810)225-2700

Please help spread the word! Thank you.


One more day will not kill us I guess :D

Hope to see you on thursday if weather permits
We'll be there Thursday morning for sure... there should be plenty of fast cars for everyone to see as well. We'll leave it a surprise until you all see who, but we MIGHT get to watch some 6 second / 200 mph laps happen... :eek:


P.S. I'm not a morning person... save heavy-duty questions till the PM hours! :p
The weather forecast for the Grand Rapids area is looking good for tomorrow. Should be cloudy but with no rain and cool temperatures.

All car entries will receive a free gift and get a chance to win a nice prize.

See you there!