Felpro 1400 cross reference #?


Does anybody know if there is another part # for the Felpro 1400 exhaust manifold gaskets? The jobber is saying that he has #N90508 listed for the gasket?

Just curious but why would you need a X reference if you have the Fel-Pro #? Fel-Pro is the only one making that style gasket.:confused:
a little birdie told me that after the merger, felpro is not making the 1400 anymore. whatever is out there, is out there. after that no more.
The jobber has the cheapies prolly $4 or so.

The real 1400's are about $20 a set and say 1400 on the package and are all green gaskets.

Hope they will still be made... :confused:
The reason I ask is that my regular counter guy is no longer there, and the new guy ain't with it. I called and asked him to order in some Felpro 1400's and he said " What's the part # ?" I said "1400" and he says he doesn't have that number listing and then wants to know the year, make and model of the car. ~!@!# 15 min later, after I try to tell him just to look up 3.8 Buick V6 he comes up with that part #. (My usual guy, was a walking encyclopedia of part #'s and knowledge. Not only did he know what a GN/TR was, he actually knew stuff about them, and gave me list prices. sigh!!!)

I was just wondering if Felpro used another # for the 1400's