Many Stage 2 new gaskets for sale


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Feb 14, 2002
I have a bunch of Stage 2 gaskets I would like to unload as a bulk purchase.
1 set of Comedic .052" intake gaskets($25 pair new)
3 sets of Comedic .125" intake gaskets($25 pair new)
1 set of Detroit performance intake gaskets
2 Felpro 1800 oil pan gaskets($12 each new)
1 pair of Felpro 1000 head gaskets(one in package, one not in package)($50 each new)
2 sets of Felpro 2700 RACE kits(one is open and may have something missing)(about$25 new)
2 sets of Felpro 1647 valve cover gaskets ($40 pair new)
1 complete set of Felpro 1201 intake gaskets($28 new)
1 single Felpro 1201 intake gasket
1 pair Felpro 2904 BBC/Stage 2 rear main seal($16 new)

All of the gaskets listed above for $200+shipping
Please PM me if interested.


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