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Oct 14, 2009
Fel-Pro intake manifold gaskets (2 sets) new.
Fel-Pro oil pan gaskets fits 14 bolt pan (3 sets). new.
Fel-Pro water pump gasket set. new.
Fel-pro valve cover gasket, only one. new.
Price for all gaskets: $45 shipped. All gaskets are SOLD.
1 pair OEM valve covers. used. Price $60 shipped. SOLD
dog house and throttle body. used. Price $30 shipped. SOLD
stainless steel throttle body linkage. new. This will be included with throttle body.
stock fuel pressure regulator (Bosch 0 280 160 233). used. Price $30 shipped.
chime, fits under the dash. new. Price $20 shipped.
fuel pump relay. new. Price $12 shipped.
Casper's cam tool. used. Price $20 shipped. SOLD
Aluminum drums. used. Price $75 shipped. SOLD
OEM two dot connecting rods. used. Price $35 shipped
OEM air conditioning lines. used. Free, local pickup only.
OEM sway bars, 1 front and 2 rear. used. Free, local pickup only.
charcoal canister, used. Price $25 shipped.
stainless up-pipe. new. Price $35 shipped.

I have updated this post to include individual prices, shipping is included, in other words, I pay the shipping costs.
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If you separate i would be interested in the aluminum drums, dog house and throttle body.
I have decided to part-out the lot. I have updated each item with individual prices. I have also PM'd those who have already expressed interest.
If mblum passes on the drums - I'll take em'
and Caspers Cam tool.