Felt dew sweeps inner outer.?

Just get the ones from Highwaystars / NOS4GN.
Not only a great vendor but you know they will fit.
X2... ordered a set of outers from Highway stars, plus they have a stainless core. Can let you know how they fit by the weekend.
I installed an outer set from Highway stars last year. They are high quality and fit like the originals. You will most likely find that 2 or 3 of the mounting hole on one side need to elongated about a 1/16 of an inch. I think it was the passenger side. It is easily modified with a small dremel bit. Just match them up to the old ones.
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Yep. Did it a few weeks back. Passenger side needed some small massaging but the driver was spot on.

Go ahead and cut your Phillips bit down to size if you haven't already. You can remove the window guides and unscrew the oe trim easily with one of those micro ratchets.
Probably 20-30 min per side. Do one and you'll go faster on the second. Just hope that the small oe screws come out clean and easy.