Few Goodies For Sale

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
All prices include shipping. Email me direct with your request denniskirban@yahoo.com posting your request here may be overlooked.

Refer to number code. Descriptions are accurate. I don't mess with photos. Paypal is preferred method of payment.

8-2480 - I have one mint set of 1986-87 original Turbo Regal valve covers powder coated with brand new passenger side valve cover grommet installed and set of new gaskets included. Just $109 for the pair includes UPS ground shipping to basic 48 states. Show quality. No core set required.

8-2483 - For any year Turbo Regal the desirable GM flip down stay down license plate bracket show quality.
As a bonus will include a Buick black owners manual holder from a later model Buick. Just $28 includes shipping to basic 48 states. I got I think 5 of them.

8-2493 - For any Turbo Regal with the black wiper arms I have 2 sets of them black powder coated. The price is $55 for the pair. Includes shipping to basic 48 states.

8-2494 - Like to read? I have a colleciton of 75 of the Turbo Buick newsletters called the Source from the 1990s and 7 copies of the Turbo Club News letters. All for just $50 includes shipping to basic 48 states. A wealth of information for these cars!

8-2496 - I have just 4 left and then they are gone for good Molly DVDs which covers Mollys many projects he did over his lifetime for the various car companies and motorcycle industry. Neat item to have if you show your Grand National. The price is $24.95 each includes shipping to the basic 48 states.

8--2503 - Own a GNX or wish you did? I have a limited number of GNX 3 foot by 5 foot vertical vinyl banners that Carlisle did this past year for the GM event. I have an exclusive on them as they ran me a run of them. These are beautiful has Carlisle logo on it pictures partial front end of the GNX. Cool banner. Price is $99.95. Includes shipping to basic 48 state sin a special tube. I got maybe 5 left.

8-2413 - Got a friend with a 1988 Firebird I got a real nice pair of tail lights and the section between the tail lites with the Bird emblem on it. They are mint with one small thumb chip in the upper corner. Price is $99.95 which includes UPS to the basic 48 states. May fit later years.

8-2514 - I have one copy of the book Guide to 1978-1987 Facts & Figures by Steven Dove. Been out of print for many many years. Good condition however the cover is slightly yellow from age. Price is $40 again includes shipping to basic 48 states.

8-2515 - For any year Turbo Regal a later model GM am/fm CD player black and grey perfect match for the GNs and GNX's been serviced comes with one year warranty perfect looking unit ready to install includes jumper harness so no wires get cut. All you need is your original radio side brackets and it looks factory in your car. Extremely rare to find these units. I have 2 of them. Each one cost over $100 to have it serviced so everything works perfectly and lites up. $295 each includes shipping to basic 48 states.

Remember email me personally denniskirban@yahoo.com and indicate what number perks your interest. Remember we need powermaster cores. Cash in complete powermaster cores for something listed here is one option.


Note: Got a friend with a 2017 Camaro I got two different GM 5 foot by 3 foot Camaro banners one is for the ZL1 other shows 67/17 model front ends. Celebrates 50 years. The real deal from GM. Also have 2 Hellcat banners and one new 2018 Ford GT banners all mint all factory stuff.
kirban update note On the flip down license plate I only have one more free Buick owners manual holder as a bonus after that its just the flip down license plate holder with no bonus manual holder.

sorry for the screw up....I thought I had more than I did.

Below is from dennis Kirban:

this is the am/fm CD player I have available. Two of them with one year warranty Includes jumper harness ready to install all you need is you original radio side brackets for any 1984-1987 Turbo Regal.

thanks to Brandon for posting photo for me

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