Finally got a good race


May 24, 2001
I had just picked my daughter up from work and saw a LT1 4th gen go by, Nice exhaust sound and big bowtie sticker on the rear window. We did it from a jump (this was a 6spd car)the first time and we were dead even. As LUCK would have it we reach the next light together and we were the first ones in line. I could see the yellow on the other direction so I didnt have time to spool her up, the light turned green, He hit it and immediately put about 2 cars on me, but here comes the boost and the TTA reels him in rather quickly and as Im passing him(Im looking at him since the T-tops were off and I was in cruise mode) he just gives me the hands up thats all he has so I put a few cars on him and slowed down.

That was on 17# and my street chip with mostly 93 in the tank.

I thought it was a good race but had I gotten to build boost I would have pulled him the whole time. I will give him credit he could drive really good.

Usually no one will race me.