Finally got a race


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Jun 10, 2012
So I'm a newb around the forum but I've been reading a lot on it since even before I got Vivian, my WE4, back in June. I've been hoping to post on this thread for a while, but almost 4 months and countless miles later, I had yet to have anyone try to race me at a red light.(A flyby civic did not count in my book).

What makes this kill interesting is the way it was set up. I was heading to an employee softball game when I noticed this beast behind me. I've seen him at the local Mobil station once; it's an orange '68 or '69 Chevelle with a blower the size of Stallone coming out from the hood. I see him two cars behind me at the first light I stop at. He's with some broad and I can tell he sees me. We leave that light and one lane becomes two and I stay right and I see him pass the old lady in the Toyota behind me and get behind me. We go through the next green light and pull up to the following red, but there's some silver car there. I'm looking in my rearview, listening to him rev this beast at me when I noticed through the corner of my eye that the silver hatch next to me is some sort of WRX or STI...and it's modded...and he's reving. I love most car and can respectfully say that while not my cup of tea, it was clean. The light turns green and I get going a like normal, but don't give the car the jump or anything. I hear his loud turbo spool up and I know it's on. He tries to go but I floor it and before I know it, his trubo 4 is trying to catch me.

Like I said, I'm new to all of this and while I've had fun with my daily driver FWD GS, this beast is a whole different animal. I know that Vivian isn't perfect, but she's my mistress and needless to say, I've got a thing for her :)

She does better than I expected, and the Subaru never sees my door. I'm doing 75 before I can say S-T-bye. He naturally backs down and gets into the lane to enter the highway. Mr. Steroid fueld Chevelle behind me gets front row seats and is now up my ass, probably telling his broad about how bad he can beat me. I take a right onto the road where I need to go (there are no places to run going in the direction we were, and this Chevelle looks Satanic AND I'm not super, super comfortable with Viv yet). He revs his beast twice as he passes me when I take the turn and I hope that I see him again soon...even if he does take my soul.

Glad to be able to share this with you guys. Love reading what you all post and hope to have Vivian bigger, better, and stronger next year.
Thanks guys. I found out that the Chevelle guy lives in my town, so I will have to run into him sooner or later :)
Maybe you will take that Chevelle. It might be all engine and no traction. the guy I work with who has a '69 El Camino with a 383 stroker and cheapo tires. He knows who is the king of the employee parking lot!

Good kill on the Subaru. I love killing those things. They see me...come after me..then I kill 'em.
Good kill!
NOw get lined up with that Chevelle...there's no shame in losing to a butter built beast if it comes to that, but don't be fooled by a mountian of metal.
Who knows how well his combo is set up.
There's some guy in my area who has a 70 El Camino that's blown and nitroused up to 1100HP...he'd be severaly traction impaired on the street and ...spinnin' aint winnin'....
He and I traded peddle romps one day when I was in my Camaro and even tho I was making half the power he is, he was pretty impressed with the way I was able to get up and go on the street.
At the track he'd eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner...