Finally something good to say about the Ford IC.

cool 84

Got hotair?
I drove it for the first time today to work. Still no wastegate but I took it up to 6psi anyway. There is a noticable seat of the pants difference over the spearco and this is only at 6 psi, I imagine the difference is going to be much greater at higher boost levels. At lunch I hooked a guage up to the brass elbow on the turbo and compared it to the boost guage and they were within half a # of each other. I have 3" tubing from the turbo to the intake and the intake opening is 3" also. The only thing that's not is the 62mm TB.

The best thing is the very improved cooling over the other FM. I didn't have time to hook the fans up so I was driving fanless. With the other IC the car would overheat quickly going down the freeway at 65mph if I turned the fans off. I still haven't put a thermostat in yet and today at a steady 35mph cruise the temp went down to 140 degrees on a 90 degree day with no fans. It cools like the IC is not even there.
Sounds great :) Keep us up-to-date on your progress. Glad to hear things are working out well for ya.

Its really good to hear your car is coming around. You didnt give up on it and now its your turn to have it go your way. Nice job.
Thanks. Common sense tells me I should've given up on it years ago but every time I hear of someone converting over it makes me want to hit the 10s even more.

I took it to 6psi early this morning when it was about 60 degrees out and it was scratching for traction in second gear with the 28" Bowling Green recaps. I can't wait to really be able to push it. Anyone want to sell a Racegate real cheap?
what do you meen by having no wastegate??

if you have no waste gate how are you going to six #'s?

tired of scrathing my head on this one so i figured id ask..
The LT downpipe blocks off the wastegate hole. I need to get an external gate on the crossover pipe but don't have the money yet. No wastegate= unlimitied boost. If I stay at 1/4 pedal it gets about 6psi in first gear but if I stay in it until third it's almost 22psi and still climbing. I'm sure there's a lot more boost backing up on the other side of the TB too so I don't push it past about 6psi right now.