Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Here goes: Same rules as in the past. I don't deal in photos. Paypal is method of payment. You must email me direct with code of your parts request. All prices is the total you pay. Descriptions are accurate. Shipping is not extra unless out of the USA. PA residents add 6% sales tax.

J-A Selling as a set of 2 used brake switches. No idea if they are good but heck you are getting two so chances are far better than playing your state lottery. Just $16.95 gets you 2 used powermaster brake switches. I got like 10 sets.

J-B I got due in end of next week finally some more of the refurbished upgraded lower steering shafts. This is the hot ticket superior to the Jeep one. The price is $119.95. Maybe 3 not sold at this point in time.

J-C I got a Caddy satin black face EQ AM/FM radio would need jumper harness to plug into your factory harness. Looks mint and does power up. Again its from a late model 1980s Caddy. Cheap at $35.

J-D For all the 1987 Buick models a mint set of the entire chassis manual from Buick in the original embossed Buick binders Volume 1 and 2. Even have the revisions as well. Over 12 inches thick of reading material that is way over my head! The price tag is $285. Very heavy to ship. Welcome trades though. Again like new!

J-E Original grey pallex material which is what was used in your 1986-1987 Grand National seats the real deal. No reproduction is exactly like the original material. Has C & A logo on the back for Collins and AIkman and dated in the late 1980s or ealry 1990s. In other words its the real stuff.

J-F See JE for description: 16 inches by 55 inches dated 1989 just $65

J-G 28 inches by 55 inches dated 1989 $175

J-H 16 inches by 55 inches dated 1989 $60

J-K 17 inches by 55 inches dated 1988 $70

Note JH and JK is enough to do one upper GN door panel.

J-M A brand new reproduction 1984-1987 Turbo Regal cowl seal. Just $25.

I will consider possible trades. Example we need stock wasted 1986-87 turbo regal turbos. Also vacuum brake pedals. Both of these items we need and would work a deal against my items.

I hope to have original black pallex material very soon I made a deal for all this one source has and it is supposedily in route to me. I also have one single 7 yard roll of the grey pallex and can price it out depending on how many yards you would require. Off a single roll gurantees you a perfect match.

Happy New Year

member you must email me direct do not post your request here as someone may beat you out by emailing me direct.