first time at the track! HELP PLEASE


New Member
Aug 18, 2002
Im going to the track on friday and i need some advice on some tuning like ....air pressure in my slicks,air pressure in both my airbags,fuel pressure for my 36# bluetops,boost level for my t49,how much boost to build when im staged at the line,etc.Any advice would be helpful and thank you all very much in advance.
- What track are you going to? Atco, Maple Grove, Cecil, E-Town?

- What diameter slicks are you running?

- How much boost do you WANT to run? 18#, 20#, 25#?

- What octane fuel will you be running?

- Do you have a jumper valve, trans brake, etc? Have you tried to see how much boost your brakes will hold on the street before the rear tires spin or the fronts push?

I'd love to help but unfortunately I've got a rehersal dinner and wedding to go to Friday/Saturday. Email me though, and we can catch up some other time.