First Two Kills


Mar 15, 2003
I really dont like to race around alot considering I am in school to become an air traffic controller and the FAA doesnt take too kindly to arrests and that kinda thing... But since ive been waiting to get a TR since my first ride in one when I was 13 I had to rate what I now have... The first kill was a friend of mine who has an LT1 camaro.. like mid 90's with a few mods... off the line running 10 lbs. boost and not even brake boosting I left him in the dust... from a roll he would take me but once turbo spooled i past him like he was standing still..... The second kill was on the way home from school last night when I was turning onto a highway a newer z28 blows past me screaming loudly... I caught up to him and all i saw was the light from the guy's cigarete fly out the window and i saw him go to downshift... antisipating the lag i just hit it and grabbed like a car and a half and continued to pull on him.. we were approaching some traffic and a tight turn so I let off early... he continued like a mad man... Im sure he was annoyed... Some kid in a worked DSM talon wants a run but I dont have a scan tool yet and I dont want to go anywhere but a nice flat quiet area..