Flaring on 2-3 shift after new mods


formerly TTA 1387
May 26, 2001
I just put a PT51, 50# injectors, THDP, and 3" cat-back over the winter. With the new found power, my tranny is starting to protest a little. I know it'll need a rebuild but I'm hoping to make it until the end of the summer to get that done. Is there anything I can do to help it make it until then? Right now its not bad but its there. Never did it before the new mods went on.

The trans is stock except for a Art Carr shift kit. Would running Type F help? Will anything help?

You should probably add a tranny cooler to keep it from overheating. Overheating is bad! 50 dollars could save you from a rebuild, and you will eventually need one anyway...
TTA #750
Make sure fluid is pristine.Change it a couple times or flush out the tranny and put a new filter in there.

Fluid is cheap...

I had probs with mine remember.Valve body issue on mine.Maybe springs have lost tension?

Try readjusting the TV cable too.
You are putting off the inevitable..

And maybe at a cost to you and your trans. If a trans flairs one time real good it can wound forever. As far as making it live? Yes there is something you can do. Do not drive it or baby it and I don't know of a single TR owner than can do either of those :)
Save your self some problems and do what you know you need to do:D