Fly fishing students?


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Any other fly fishing students here?

I started back in 1970, seven years old at the time, looking for a challenge beyond just casting a lure. I was consumed with my 'Field and Stream' subscription and catching/releasing a big Rainbow or Brown (I Jimmy Houston). My brother and I fished a small lake that we could wade that was basically unfished much like the watering ponds for cattle on the deer lease. While he utilized his spinning set-up I was 'presenting' for that one hour challenge I cherish. 63 caught and released to his 35 caught and released. We laughed, ate lunch (thanks Mom) and continued fishing.

There is, in my mind, a art to fly fishing unlike any other type.
My father helped make Edwards quadrate rods in the 40's.

Worth a bit of money now, but of course he doesn't own one. :p:oops::rolleyes:

I'm more of a dynamite trout fisherman. ;)o_O:D
I'm more of a dynamite trout fisherman. ;)o_O:D


My dad told me and my brother a story as we sat around the camp fire many moon's ago about fishing with those old 'crank' phones. If memory serves he only witnessed it and did not participate as it was illegal even then, late '30s or early '40s. Wildlife ethics is forefront for us (thanks dad). I have only kept one fish in over 30yrs, a catfish I fried up for a elderly friend I caught from his pond on his ranch. A cherished memory as he is with God now.

Fly fishing is a lot like playing a musical instrument when you get all the notes and timing just right, a perfect cast. When the sun is breaking the horizon, the waters are still quiet yet still supporting a light dusting of mist and the line gently parts the mist and the fly lands on the water with the most natural presentation is like telling a story of ones first love.

Did I just go there again?
Many years ago I took up fly fishing. After the first trip to the stream , I decided to take up fly tying also. One summer I fished at least one evening every week of the season. I educated myself about a stream about an hours drive from home. Then the "worm dunkers" found out the stream that had been poisoned off and restocked, had legal size trout. It got so bad some of these jerks were bragging about how many limits they'd caught that day! So I went farther North which meant less time fishin'. The best time was fishing Montana. I didn't put enough time into it to learn what it takes to catch fish in the "Holy Waters" of Montana. Which is another way of saying I got skunked. But it was great! Even though I can't do it anymore, I have some wonderful memories of my years of fly fishing for trout.
I have cast a fly in puddles/creeks/bayou's and caught fish, the 'art' of the presentation was the true lesson. With Bass and Perch presentation is not as delicate as 'matching the hatch' as it is with trout.

Trout are the women of fish! :p
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Saltwater fly fishing is fun on the flats, even bay for mackerel, bluefish, trout, ladyfish for fun. Don't have to just go after tarpon, snook, redfish, etc.
Saltwater fly fishing is fun on the flats, even bay for mackerel, bluefish, trout, ladyfish for fun. Don't have to just go after tarpon, snook, redfish, etc.
I hear you man! I have yet to fish the flats in FL, only TX, but the clarity of water is night and day as you know. Sight casting and presentation is key and why I love fly fishing over chunking.

I am a huge fan of Rich and Tom's show. The variety is superb.